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France-Japan Epigenetics Conference-2017

Chromatin and methylation mechanisms in development and disease

Du 6 au 8 novembre 2017

The Epigenetics Workshop-2017 explores the diverse ways through which DNA methylation, histone methylation and other chromatin modifications are linked, and how they control diverse biological functions.

This 3-days’ workshop in Paris, on 6-8 November 2017, brings together twenty five leading scientists in this rapidly evolving field, predominantly from France and Japan. It provides a unique opportunity for international exchange and collaboration.

Du 6 au 8 novembre 2017
Amphithéâtre Buffon, Université Paris Diderot, Paris

The workshop is structured around four themes, each of which is introduced by a Keynote Lecture.

The first session considers the regulatory complexes involved in the establishment, maintenance and recognition of chromatin methylation.

Session 2 continues on this theme and discusses the developmental regulation and role of these epigenetic processes in animals and plants.

During the last years, the germ line lineage has been explored in detail, both in Japan and Europe, with many important mechanistic insights, and this constitutes the theme of Session 3.

During the third day (Session 4) the emphasis will be on the relevance of histone and DNA methylation for human disease and cancer. It presents studies in model organisms and examples of how mechanistic insights are being applied to understand and treat epigenetic diseases and cancer.

Importantly, several slots have been allocated for short talks (based on abstract selection) and poster presentations are welcomed and included in the programme as well.

Événement soutenu par la Fondation ARC.


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