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Social Science & Humanities Research: Translating findings into medical practices

12 & 13 octobre 2017

The aim of this international conference is to initiate a multi and interdisciplinary discussion, involving various actors, on the use and utility of social science research for and by health professionals, broadly defined.

Drawing on examples from completed and ongoing research projects, we will explore the issue of "translation" and "implementation" of SHS research findings to the field of medicine and health by analyzing how and under what conditions these findings are mobilized, translated, and used by various actors.

12 & 13 octobre 2017
Institut Paoli-Calmette, Marseille

The objective is to contribute to a better understanding of the processes involved in the communication and dissemination of knowledge in the social sciences, as well as how this knowledge is actually used by healthcare practitioners. How to translate research findings beyond scientific publications? What additional scientific and media communication initiatives should be taken? What is the role of researchers and other research professionals in these processes? What about patients associations? Which possible role for communication specialists?

Événement soutenu par la Fondation ARC.


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